Huipils - The Staple You Never Knew you Needed



These gorgeous handmade tops, called Huipils are a traditional garment worn by indigenous women from Central Mexico and beyond. The unique designs are specific to various regions and are artisan made on blackstrap looms to this day in Mexico.

The huipils have a rich history in Mexico and Central America dating back to their Aztec and Spanish roots.  We appreciate and honor the tradition and ceremonial wearing of these garments, while we bring them to you as a beautiful top that can be worn in countless, beautiful and stylish ways.

A casual, playful look could include a denim skirt or jeans or even your favorite cut off shorts and comfy sneakers.

For a professional setting, pair your huipil with slacks, a wide leg pant, blazer or suit jacket and pumps.




Photo Credit:  Chie Endo