Wing and a Prayer Line Launch - Collaboration with Amanda Tatom


We were so honored to pair with Amanda to have her designs of this beautiful collection come to life! With such meaning and beauty behind each piece we can not wait to share them with you! 

A word from Amanda - Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and beauty. Faith is a constant in my life. When My Little Maria invited me to collaborate on a special project, of course I was excited because I’m such a fan of their beautiful pieces! But I knew I wanted the collection I helped design to symbolize not just beauty but growth and belief. The Wing and a Prayer line includes the delicate beauty of the butterfly and the strength we find in faith. I hope you will wear it and enjoy, knowing your own unique beauty and belief are always within to carry you through!

I’m very proud that 10% of the proceeds from this special collection will go to Ashley’s Angels Austin, an organization dedicated to providing community, support, resources and outreach to single parent families in our area.



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